Missed Path Home: The Track To Go Down Rediscovered, Again…

Modus Operandi: Author’s Mission Statement, and about us:

After closing his previous blog on WordPress, Fallen Leaves 2, and a misstep with another following it, featherdaily, the author looks to write about poetry, and discover what other writers expect to see, when they read poetry manuscripts, to expand his readership beyond the provinces of his Indiana small town, to honor diversity, and a way to connect with other writers, safely, as the ongoing pandemic progresses. While his Degenerative Disk Disease develops, and potentially other underlying undiagnosed roots of muscle tension and falling are yet to be determined, he takes personal time to freelance and consult publishing houses, as well as write reviews of new books in advanced copies he generously receives and reads. He continues to learn about non-traditional paths to income. The author’s main goal is to edit poems, and create a manuscript, its content of which explores the polemics, current issues, and events, of the Mid-West, asking the question, rhetorically, “Where is kindness,” examining where the bridges between separate lenses, or ways to interpret the landscape and identities of a pluralist society are, simultaneously tackling the author’s own issues of worldview, bias, in a natural, peaceful, approach to better understanding his current Southern topos, where he resides, that uniquely puts him in an undiscovered atmosphere, different than where he grew up, up North, between home and stepping stones, resolving the trauma and alienation he has experienced since childhood, as well as exploring the tastes and necessities of his omnisexuality, sincerely, honestly, with an eye towards the Eastern rising sun.

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