Missed Path Home: The Track To Go Down Rediscovered, Again…

Modus Operandi: Author’s Mission Statement, and about us:

After closing his previous blog on WordPress, Fallen Leaves 2, and a misstep with another following it, featherdaily, the author looks to write about poetry, and discover what other writers expect to see, when they read poetry manuscripts, to expand his readership beyond the provinces of his Indiana small town, to honor diversity, and a way to connect with other writers, safely, as the ongoing pandemic progresses. While his Degenerative Disk Disease develops, he is also seeking treatment for fibromyalgia, Bipolar 1, as well as PTSD. He takes personal time to freelance and consult publishing houses, as well as write reviews of new books in advanced copies he generously receives and reads. He continues to learn about non-traditional paths to income. The author’s main goal is to edit poems, and create a manuscript, its content of which explores the polemics, current issues, and events, of the Mid-West, asking the question, rhetorically, “Where is kindness,” examining where the bridges between separate lenses, or ways to interpret the landscape and identities of a pluralist society are, simultaneously tackling the author’s own issues of worldview, bias, in a natural, peaceful, approach to better understanding his current Southern topos, where he resides, that uniquely puts him in an undiscovered atmosphere, different than where he grew up, up North, between home and stepping stones, resolving the trauma and alienation he has experienced since childhood, as well as exploring the tastes and necessities of his omnisexuality, sincerely, honestly, with an eye towards the Eastern rising sun.

My Latest Posts

  • Overwhelm, sketch #1
    Face another Thursday. All the declaratives join their hands, and say, “make breakfast ‘fore five, drive to work ‘fore 7:bacon, eggs, iced rolls of dough in cinnamon, feed pets, ” yet some 1 important didthe restofthatfor me,butthepâtéIslicedfor mydog. I said, “hello,” to the basement stairs, to which they said, “Think, again,” [sadly, each day, theyContinue reading “Overwhelm, sketch #1”
  • ‘Til you own your home, sketch #1
    Fooling about with lines ain’t nothing like no       groceries, for me, for you.Computer blended, everything feels weaker,       but might suit the last stand, thrust               against the sea, Crowd the times through a debate school.Noise keeps some possibilities of story. Older brain ain’t well, flapping crude,      Continue reading “‘Til you own your home, sketch #1”
  • Propaganda of the Deed, Sketch #1
    She sat in her couch, activist of Equal Rights Ammendment, mentor, professor, social worker, co-worker, friend.We talked of Donald Trump, We talked of his hate: internment camps, inhereted or not, privitized was a thing, women’s rights, disabled, needy, from 2016-2020, concerned he wouldn’t leave the White House bunker, and proper handing over of power toContinue reading “Propaganda of the Deed, Sketch #1”
  • Skeleton #1, Ode for Mary Fell: the word was Realtor…
    The sound of her voice,anxious where she’s s’posed to go,dementia gives her no choice,and passing her green door,of communal wealth my memory would store, thoughts have I, choosethoughts of your warm cottage house, must have sold, by June, getting old, I feel low, where the grabbing at words show, on the phone, two cats, MimmiContinue reading “Skeleton #1, Ode for Mary Fell: the word was Realtor…”
  • Survey #1
  • “Oh, Krishna! may your guru, and light, fill me…”, skeleton #1…
    Mama lived out of her car. Daddy lived somewhere off far. Foster mama wished on a star. If my adopted mama could have a babe, then, I’d be a liar. Family is a river, maybe. Of veins meandering into a heart, an engine of trust, harder, and harder and harder to start. Oh, Krishna! mayContinue reading ““Oh, Krishna! may your guru, and light, fill me…”, skeleton #1…”
  • America (I hum), poem #61, song #3, fr. Manuscript-In-Progress…
    A video of the song I posted, recently, while practicing, at your leisure… Video of “America (I hum)…”
  • A reformat soon…
    So, after updating this current set, a manuscript I am working on, with words in between poem pages, some other shifts are going to happen, maybe some music and recorded poems, I want to do surveys and such on here at some point. A summer move is shortly around the corner. I have started aContinue reading “A reformat soon…”
  • Manic Pudding, skeleton #1
    for “Them”, prompt on enemies to spiritual journey… Poetryandartforfouryearoldsshouldbebanned’causeyouearnnothin’,Yeah,ifmusicbethefruitofhate,Playon,playon,withoutadimetotipyou’causeloonlunepraiserthat’sheresy youarrangeourtunesdifferent,sitesofpowerdiminishedbyraisedgroves.Wetooktothesea,then,yousee,thatdidn’tcomefullywithstormcloudsbeforetheendofthefirstsentence,WhilstyourantsboiledoutofJord,yousee,Wewantedyourearthforourselvesandplacedthatinimaginaryborders,yousee,nothankyou,butsimplerejections,oxforddictionaryisforthehistoryofwordswhyintheworlddoesthatinterestyou?Radiationgoodforpotatoes,andneighbors,jingoistOilcleansestheland,yousee,One-timeplasticfitsthetrashtogetherasdecoupageorcollage,goodtoeatintocancerfor1000yearsmore;polemic,polemic,Firefauciforevidencebasedscienceandletuskillourselves,andmakedarknessmorebrightinvictorianmisrepresentationsofdarwinismthecrabshelpthemselvesoverimpedimentsnotalwaysthecasewithhumans,hell,murdersells,whatarewetodobutignorephalanxesofparticularsunlesstheyresoundinthekeyoffoxnews;plumshadtobethrownoutforfreezerburnt,whydoyoustareatyourtable,orwagons,oranydinglesonvalleys,whatallgoesinyourvoyeurism,whattheyteachyouatschoolbesidescommipropaganda,neonazisinfiltratingthecoffeebaryoureallyshouldchangenewsonwikipediaandhaveyouevercutupbooks,williamtell?iwonderifthepossumknowstheclocksaremeltingstaringatboys,old,young,inthegemoftime,rapeyouandsubmityoutoprincipal’sofficebecauseyoureallyaren’tontheteamareyoubewarethelockerdoorandhallandbathroomwithearsbraggifollower.Bangreekmythsbecauseyoureadthem,toomuch insteadofbible,Daphne,Apollo’neathyourstubbornboughsechointoNarcissusnewclothesinmeta,Mullochfeelsclose,justthreedropsofelixirmakesthebardiccoursegodownAwenonmywayIdon’tknowwhen[tomyselfIthinkbySandyDennyandtheStrawbs]toletgo,tenderwarrior.Allthecalls-to-actionremaintheretomorrow,it’sonlydecadesaway,yesterday,bellowingoutoftouristtowns.Afterthefullmoonburnthis.
  • IN THE MIND OF AN ARTIST “I would like to sit by a stream, maybe die and come back as a fern tree,…”
    https://edgeofhumanity.com/2022/01/30/in-the-mind-of-an-artist-i-would-like-to-sit-by-a-stream-maybe-die-and-come-back-as-a-fern-tree/ Here’s the last installment of my selfish plug. Thanks, to Joelcy Kay and Edge of Humanity Magazine and staff. I am told it can be caught again in the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY Visual Arts Blog during February. If you have disposable income, please donate to them. Some gratitude to my readers likewise for followingContinue reading “IN THE MIND OF AN ARTIST “I would like to sit by a stream, maybe die and come back as a fern tree,…””